NOTE: Due to the current volume of tickets, our average answer time is 24-48 hours. Your tickets are important to us and please know we will get to your ticket as soon as we possibly can. We don't handle tickets on Sunday and holidays.

  • For the fastest processing of your support ticket please Register to create an account and login to the left. PLEASE do not start new tickets for the same support issue....once you are logged in, submit your ticket and from there you can keep track of all your open and closed tickets. "Technical support & Refunds" department will only visible once you register & logged in
  • IMPORTANT!!! The following email providers HAVE ISSUES, they will always block emails so you will never receive it in your inbox:,,,,,,, etc. Please include other email address if you use this provides OR avoid using these emails and change your email to popular one like gmail, yahoo, live, etc.
Thank you.

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